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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Reflections of the summer past...

I am so excited that it is finally September. I LOVE Fall more than puppies (yah, I know) and look forward to all of the super fun, magical offerings the season has in store for me. That being said, I want to share some really cool discoveries I have made over the summer, being that it's been a minute (or two) since I posted anything.

So with that, here is a list of awesome discoveries in my life:

1. Estate Sales - WHAT? Who knew that looking through dead peoples' stuff could be so fun? Chris and I have recently jumped on this train and found it to be both incredibly depressing and quite invigorating. It's weird going through someone's house, sifting through their Christmas decorations (dead people seem to have a lot of them) and other stuff, then deciding that it's just too sad (and sometimes creepy), feeling bad and then leaving empty handed. (BTW, anyone ever heard of haunted objects? Well, if an object were to be haunted, I GUARANTEE it would have come from an estate sale). Then we always go get a beer and talk about life.

2. The connection between mind and body. I know, sounds really frickkin' deep. Well, that's because it IS DEEP. People so oftentimes have pains because - wait for it - they are experiencing some sort of emotional struggles that they don't know how to process in an effective manner, and thus, said emotional struggles manifest via physical symptoms!!! I learned this because I just kept turning my ankles, over and over again, and a dear friend pointed out that perhaps I have too many different things going on in that brilliant mind of mine and am thus struggling to effectively manage this plethora of incredibly insightful thoughts (most recent internal conflicts - which My Little Pony would I be and what type of kale should I be purchasing, organic or non-organic - side note, always go with organic kale).  The key to fixing these problems? BALANCE. Meditation and yoga is so important, you guys. OMG (I'm serious).

3. My cat really does look an awful lot like Hitler. Not sure how cool this is, but really, it's kinda creepy. Especially when you open the dryer and find THAT.  **shudder**

4. Being vegetarian-ish has made me feel incredibly empowered and the opposite of guilty. When I drive by a chicken truck now, I can just smile and wave, completely and totally guiltless. But I will NEVER, EVER judge another person for eating meat. That's ugly, and mean. And I'm still noshing on fish, so I really have no room to be judgy.

5. I think I should get a school bus, just because it would make my life much easier. Then I could take whomever I want wherever I want (within a 200 or so mile radius) without fear of not having room for everybody. That would be really nice, and people would love me even more than they do. Sigh. I would call it "The Sparkle Bus" and paint it purple. Because, really, is it THAT necessary that school buses be so darn yellow? I think I'm going to start a campaign to make school buses more sparkly. I'll call it "The Sparkly Bus Project." Who's with me?

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  1. Yep a purple school bus that sparkles would be cool, (with firework canons on top that go off when you arrive)!