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Friday, March 16, 2012

Why Chris pleases and sparkles

So bear with me here while I talk about mushy stuff. I have been with my hubsters for over half my life. We were married in 2002 but we started dating when I was a mere 15. We've had some good times and some less good times (but NEVER bad), and have most definitely struggled with the cash flow. But despite the struggles we have faced through the course of our nearly 10 year marriage, many things remind me why I love me some Chris.

1. We do interpretive dances in the car. Okay, so let me back this up by first saying that this began when we were living in a very small, south Georgia town. There was little for us to do so we had to get creative. Hence, on the drives to the metropolis of Savannah, we began our foray into interpretive dance with Abba. It has since evolved and we have brought in new artists including Queen, Desiree AND the Spice Girls. That hasn't faltered and it makes me real happy.

2. He loves cats. It's a beautiful thing when a man gets just as excited as me when the cat purrs incessantly with its tongue hanging out of its mouth. Oh, and cats love him too. Except when they attack him. Which seems to happen a lot...

3. We can spend an entire weekend watching a whole season of Supernatural, Parks and Recreation or Downton Abbey together and will unanimously conclude that our time was "well spent" and we have "no regrets."

4. He jumped out of a plane for me.

5. He's really good at organizing things!! It's crazy, I wouldn't by any means consider him to be a "neat freak" but he complements my OCD about "the appearance of neatness" by actually putting things into some sort of order. Putting lights on the Christmas tree practically involves a frickkin' planning committee for him. It's cute.

6. He eats whatever I put in front of him. No lie. I've even seen him choke down some pretty wretched, horrific "culinary creations" of mine.

7. He just gets cuter and cuter with age. Some people don't age well. Not Chris.

8. I cannot shake him, no matter how vulgar or horrible the things that come out of my mouth may be. I love that I can just completely let loose and say the most wretched things I want and NOT feel like I'm being judged (partially because I know he's probably thinking the same thing, if not worse). It's nice, and refreshing, to have a husband who's also a BFF.

9. He gets JUST as excited about snow as I do!

9. He stops at the roadside gas station in the middle of nowhere just so that I can feed the llamas, bull and goats. Seriously, this happened.