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Friday, December 7, 2012

On holiday junk food...

So Chris and I started this experiment that involves "testing" a whole bunch of unhealthy holiday treats and reviewing them. It was TOTALLY his idea and I really couldn't say no. I mean, come on, he came home with the biggest grin on his face and had arms full of holiday treats, for "experimental purposes," he said. How could I say no?

Not to mention the fact that I can't run for like a month due to tendonitis that just won't go away, so the calories I take in from this experiment, well, they have nowhere to go but my hips and ass. Yay. But.....this is all for the sake of love. And bloggery.

So here's my philosophy on junk food - I LOVE sweets. There is no doubt that I have got a horrific sweet tooth. As a tween/teen, I noshed on Little Debbie snack cakes for lunch, giant chocolate chip cookies that they served at my school cafeteria (they were pretty frickkin' amazing), and my parents and I would usually have a half gallon of Breyers in the freezer that we'd go through in, oh, 2 days. It was horrible.

So oddly enough, when I got to college I actually lost 15 pounds my freshman year, mainly because the food choices on campus were, um, sub-par. Plus I walked. A lot. And somewhere in the midst of all of this, I started to develop healthy eating habits. As an adult, I get giddy over health food stores, especially ones that serve tofu wraps and fresh sides like tabbouli and bean salads - YUM. When Chris is out of town and I'm a one-woman show, I could go nuts and eat at the restaurants Chris doesn't like. But instead, I cook roasted veggies and nosh on quinoa and kale.

I love the way healthy food makes me feel. I can't imagine going back to junk food. Even when we order pizza (a rarity), I always accompany my 2 slices with a giant kale salad.

So you can imagine how difficult this experiment is for me. My greatest fear is that I will go back there again. I'm afraid that the memories conjured up by this will make me go nuts, and should things get stressful enough over the next few weeks, I may go into the kitchen and have a snack cake binge. Especially since I work from home 2 days a hips and ass will double in size by 2013. Oh dear...

Here's how I typically handle sweets. I WILL allow myself to have dessert if we're out at a nice restaurant and they serve something I really love. Just because this is such a rarity, I think it's really good to do things like that. And each day, I typically allow myself one sweet treat (usually well under 200 calories). Because I've found that so often, one cookie is actually enough. Or even a spoonful of nutella. But it's usually a cookie that's made with very few ingredients, or if we do ice cream I get plan vanilla bean (the one with like 5 ingredients). Wow, I'm such a control freak. This is borderline nutty, right?

So now I'm relinquishing control to the snack cakes. Wish me luck.

Here's a link to our experiment.

 I'm dying to know your thoughts!

Also, here's a cute picture of owl kisses. This is me and Chris (d'awwwww):

Wishing everyone peace, love and sparkly things today!!


  1. I applaud your self-control. Mine seems to have totally gone out the window with the birth of Jude. I used to not have a sweet tooth at all, but now it's insane. I do try to eat generally healthy though and really want Jude to have good eating habits so we eat fresh from the garden a good bit. It's totally OK to give into the Holidays and all the tasty goodness they have to offer. I think that's one of the things that makes the season so wonderful. I will always remember working in the kitchen with mama every Christmas making candies. We have our list of goodies that we make every Christmas and they're reserved just for this time of year so it's extra special. So... indulge. It's OK. Especially this time of year. And don't worry, you could stand to put on a few pounds. We have no clue where you put them but have no doubt you will get rid of them in no time with all your running/walking and great habits. I should resolve to have more self control like you for the new year. I have a feeling with the little man becoming more mobile, we will be running around a good bit more which will be a good thing. Stay sparkly!

    1. Thanks hon! One of the things I really love most about this time of the year is the baking (even though I kinda suck at it), and, truthfully, the eating of other peoples' baking. I think it's important to treat yo'self ;-)

  2. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW (that you said the owls were you and Chris). I remember your house having semi-healthy stuff when we were young but that must just mean that we were eating straight GARBAGE over at my house :) And I think your hips and ass will be are tiny. Also I love that you eat super heatlhy and so wish we lived in the same town and could hang out being healthy bitch ass hoes together. xoxo

    1. Haha I remember that too!! I also remember us walking to the Red and White to get junk food because there was never anything good at my house. I would LOVE to be a healthy bitch ass ho with you ;-)