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Friday, March 2, 2012

Here, kitty kitty....

So this morning I heard a story on the radio (NPR - yeah I'm educated, what of it?) that completely made my day. Kitty cafes. Apparently they are a HUGE hit in Japan. Basically how it works is you pay an hourly fee to hang out in these cafes and....well, just play with cats. And drink tea, or coffee, while the kittehs try to get their little noses in the milk. D'awwwwwwww!!!!! As anyone who knows me knows, I LOVES my cats. But I also love puppies, and big dogs, and all kinds of other critters (pretty much anything that breathes, including amphibians but NOT snakes). So I'm wondering, WHY hasn't this phenomenon been brought to the states? Can you imagine, on a really terrible day, relaxing at a kitty cafe and dangling string for little Buttercup? How magical.

So I'm thinking about other options for animal cafes that I would love to see (and would very likely frequent on a way-too-regular basis):

Red Panda Cafes

I like the little guy just standing there like a human. I feel certain he would be snagged up to serve coffee on little trays. So sad, exploitation of the cute force...

You asked for it, and we will make it happen...

The Penguin Cafe

Spider Monkey Cafe

He's judging you for your cookie consumption. Oh no you didn't!!

Meerkat Cafe

And lastly, ABSOLUTELY bestly...

A Unicorn Cafe

This will only exist in my dreams. Sigh.....


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